University of Washington Astrobiology Program

Fall 2013

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Drew Gorman-Lewis

Over the past academic year, the UW Astrobiology program has continued to grow— now boasting nearly 30 faculty members who span multiple affiliated departments, and work on a wide variety of research topics. Drew Gorman-Lewis, Assistant Professor of Earth & Space Sciences, is one of four new faculty members we have welcomed into the program in the past year.

Prof. Gorman-Lewis's research focuses on understanding the processes by which chemical species are introduced into and migrate through the environment, and the role that microorganisms play in these processes. He's also interested in the ways that microbes metabolize and adapt to extreme environments. With his most recent work, he has been investigating nutrient uptake and metabolic efficiency in extremophiles, as well as the surface reactivity of bacterial endospores— or more specifically, using thermodynamic modeling to better understand the environmental factors affecting the transport of metals by microorganisms.

More about Prof. Gorman-Lewis: Drew became a member of UW's Earth & Space Sciences department in 2008. Prior to that, he held postdoctoral positions at both the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, and the Environmental Molecular Science Institute at the University of Notre Dame. He received his PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame in 2006, and his B.S. in General Science (Chemistry & Geology) from the University of Oregon in 2001.

For more information on Prof. Gorman-Lewis's research, as well as a list of publications, visit his website.

Photo: Drew Gorman-Lewis, Associate Professor of Earth & Space Sciences, and new UWAB faculty member.

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