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Director: Ellen Covey, Department of Psychology, Tel: 206-616-8112,
Coordinator: Philip Burger, Department of Psychology, Tel: 206-543-8879,



Research Area

Michael Beecher Psychology,
• Animal behavior, animal communication, sensory processes.
Eliot Brenowitz Psychology • Animal behavior, neuroethology, neuroendocrinology, animal communication.
Helen Brew Otolaryngology • Neurophysiology, mammalian auditory brainstem, voltage-gated potassium channel function.
John H. Casseday Psychology • Auditory brainstem pathways, integrative functions of the inferior colliculus.
Ellen Covey Psychology • Integration of auditory signals by the mammalian nervous system, echolocation in bats.
David Mills Otolaryngology • Middle and inner ear function, dynamics of the "cochlear amplifier".
Elizabeth Oesterle Otolaryngology • Anatomy and physiology of the inner ear, hair cell regeneration.
David Perkel Biology • Neural mechanisms of learning, vocal learning in songbirds.
David Raible Biological Structure
Edwin Rubel Otolaryngology, Physiology & Biophysics • Auditory physiology, developmental neurobiology.
Joseph Sisneros Psychology
William Spain

Physiology & Biophysics

• Neurophysiology of epilepsy, auditory neurophysiology, properties of neocortex.
Jennifer Stone Otolaryngology • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of hair cell production during development and regeneration in the avian auditory and vestibular systems.
Kelly Tremblay Speech & Hearing Sciences • Representation of speech, plasticity and aging of the auditory system.
Bruce Tempel Otolaryngology, Pharmacology • Molecular genetics of auditory function, physiology and genetics of voltage-gated potassium channels.
Lynne Werner Speech & Hearing Sciences • Hearing development, psychophysical measures of infant hearing.

Last updated: October 3, 2005