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Laurel James

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Laurel James

Education: BS, Forest Resources, University of Washington, 2008

Professional Certification: Environmental Law & Regulation, University of Washington, 2006

Work Experience: 17 years with the Yakama National Wildlife Resources Management Department

Major: Forest Resources

Advisor: L. Monika Moskal

Current Graduate Research: Mountain Goat research within the Mt. Adams region of the Yakama Reservation consists of GIS and Remote Sensing tools for a geospatial analysis of GPS data utilizing the NASA Terra Satellite and MODIS platform.

Title of proposed PhD research: Biofuel inventory and assessment using geospatial tools.

Given my previous background in Inter-disciplinary team planning; I would like to examine a project that would benefit multiple disciplines. There is an opportunity to examine an individual watershed for the Yakama Reservation and using remote sensing techniques; forest variables such as biomass that is derived from MODIS and/or LIDAR the data could produce end products that could benefit numerous disciplines including forest inventory; fuels management, fire management, fisheries, water resources, wildlife.

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