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ETHICS IN MEDICINE   University of Washington School of Medicine

End-of-Life Issues:
Case 1 Discussion

For metastatic nonsmall cell lung cancer, palliative chemotherapy is an intervention providing, on average, a small benefit at considerable toxicity (a consideration for the Medical Indications box in a Clinical Ethics 4-box analysis). Yet for a patient who is well informed, understands the benefits and burdens, and wishes to proceed, a trial of palliative chemotherapy is justified. However, now Skip is voicing concern: the most important thing to do is hear him out. Find out what he is worried about, how he rates his quality of life, and what his goals are. This information will help you sort out what is going through his mind and help you guide him to a decision that will be the best for him.

As Skip thinks through his situation, ask him if he wants you to describe what would happen if he decides to have more chemotherapy, or stops his chemo and starts hospice care. Eventually you might ask him what a good death would be for him--he may not be able to answer immediately, but it might help him (and you) shape a care plan later. When you talk with Skip, keep in mind the goals for a decent death.

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