Group Members

  • Matt Bush, PI
  • Daniele Canzani, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Brendan Carlquist, Undergraduate Student Researcher
  • Casey Chen, Undergraduate Student Researcher
  • Rachel M. Eaton, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Meagan M. Gadzuk-Shea, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Julia Greenwald, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Seoyeon Hong, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Evan Hubbard, Undergraduate Student Researcher
  • AnneClaire Wageman, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Benjamin Zercher, Graduate Student Researcher

Group Photos

In front of the Chemistry Library Building, October 2017

Lab, January 2017.

Cropped-Lab-PhotoDepartment of Forensic Morphology Annex, September 2015. From left: Stephanie Heard, Rae Eaton, Kim Davidson, Sam Allen, Sam Marionni, and Ken Laszlo

Bush Lab at Cascadia Proteomics 2013Cascadia Proteomics, Institute for Systems Biology, July 2013. From left: Chrissy Stachl, Tracy Stanzel, Matt Bush,  Sam Allen, Sam Marionni, Ken Laszlo, Kimberly Davidson.

January 2013 Group PhotoVista Cafe Patio,  University of Washington, January, 2013. From left: Matt Bush, Cindy Wei, Ken Laszlo, Kimberly Davidson,  Sam Allen, Tracy Stanzel, and Sam Marionni. Plus: Alicia Schwartz.

Portage Bay from the southern edge of the University of Washington Campus, July 2012.Portage Bay from the southern edge of the University of Washington Campus, July 2012. From left: Ken Laszlo, Sam Allen, Sam Marionni, and Matt Bush.

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