Ion mobility (IM) is a suite of technologies that leverages fundamental ion-neutral interactions, is complementary to mass spectrometry (MS), and shares the core strengths of sensitivity, selectivity, and speed. Seattle is home to a vibrant IM-MS community. The vision of Mobility Enabled Science in Seattle (MESS) is to leverage the expertise and resources of this community to advance the contributions of IM to the environmental, health, and physical sciences.

The next MESS meeting will be held on January, 17. See Events for more information.


MESS holds quarterly meetings. The next meeting will be:

Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry for Structural Elucidation of Glycans (Abhigya Mookherjee, Guttman Lab)
Determining Absolute Collision Cross Sections of Glycans (Daniele Canzani, Bush Lab)

5 pm to 7 pm on January 17, 2018. Chemistry Building room 102 (to the right of the fountain in the above image).

MESS labs also participate in: