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APPLES is the Academic Pathways of People Learning Engineering Survey, a 10-minute online survey for undergraduate engineering students. APPLES was developed and administered as part of one of CAEE's research branches, the Academic Pathways Study (APS).

The APPLE Survey is based on the Persistence in Engineering (PIE) Survey that was part of APS longitudinal research involving 160 students at four universities from 2003 to 2007. The first administration of APPLES ("APPLES1") took place at the four APS institutions in 2007. A streamlined version of the survey ("APPLES2") was administered to over 4,200 undergraduates at 21 U.S. universities in Spring 2008.

For more information about APPLES, please see technical report CAEE-TR-10-01, Exploring the Engineering Student Experience: Findings from the Academic Pathways of People Learning Engineering Survey.