Research Briefs

CAEE Research Briefs summarize research findings from published papers and articles in short, easy-to-scan documents.

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Over sixty Research Briefs are available for selected publications from 2005 through 2009 with PDF versions that can be downloaded.

A full bibliographic citation is provided with each Brief along with a link to the source paper when available (e.g., conference papers on the ASEE and FIE websites).
The Research Briefs are grouped in five categories:

Understanding Student Experiences and Pathways (32) >> developing identity as an engineer; conceptions of engineering; logistical difficulties; workload and life balance; persistence in engineering as a college major and as a career; pathways to the workplace.

Examining Student Learning and Skill Development (13) >> learning engineering and building confidence in skills and knowledge; conceptual difficulties; coursework demands and challenges; student decision-making.

Exploring Issues of Diversity (10) >> the effects of diverse student identities; gender differences; addressing diversity in teaching.

Developing Community and Building Models for Engineering Education Research (10) >> building a community of engineering education researchers; strengthening the engineering education research base; models of CAEE research design and implementation.

Developing Effective Teaching Practices (8) >> the impact of faculty teaching decisions; development of teaching portfolios by future faculty; stages in developing identity as an engineering educator; applying CAEE research to undergraduate curriculum reform.