Research Briefs -

Developing Community & Building Models for Engineering Education Research

The following summaries of CAEE research findings on Building Research Community include topics such as:

  • building a community of engineering education researchers
  • strengthening the engineering education research base
  • models of CAEE research design and implementation

Research team discussion at Data Workshop

Scaling Up: Taking the Academic Pathways of People Learning Engineering Survey (APPLES) National. (FIE 2008)
Development and deployment of the second APPLE Survey added to the many lessons learned from the deployment of the PIE survey and the first APPLE Survey in 2007. Read the brief >

From PIE to APPLES: The Evolution of a Survey Instrument to Explore Engineering Student Pathways. (ASEE 2008)
This paper describes the redesign of the longitudinal PIE survey instruments for the cross-sectional administrations of APPLES as informed by emerging findings from other APS methods. Read the brief >

Academic Pathways Study: Processes and Realities. (ASEE 2008)
This paper describes the evolution and implementation of the Academic Pathways Study (APS) and addresses questions that researchers designing new studies may have about the organizational and technical infrastructure that supported this project. Read the brief >

"Scholarship of Impact" Framework in Engineering Education Research: Learnings from the Institute for Scholarship on Engineering Education. (FIE 2007)
The "Scholarship of Impact" framework for engineering education research is introduced and an example impact study is presented. Read the brief >

Targeting Undergraduate Students for Surveys: Lessons from the Academic Pathways of People Learning Engineering Survey (APPLES). (FIE 2007)
Lessons learned from the development and deployment of a multi-site, medium-scale survey of engineering undergraduates. Read the brief >

Storytelling in Engineering Education. (ASEE 2007)
Lessons learned from an interactive knowledge creating community of practice "story forum" are presented regarding challenges of engineering education research at a national engineering education conference. Read the brief >

Becoming an Engineering Education Researcher: Finding Pathways Toward Interdisciplinarity. (AERA 2007)
By better understanding interdisciplinary work, we can make visible interdisciplinary ways of thinking and the process of constructing interdisciplinary identities. Read the brief >

A Model for Building and Sustaining Communities of Engineering Education Research Scholars. (ASEE 2006)
The question of "how do we build capacity in engineering education research?" is explored by examining the Institute for Scholarship on Engineering Education (ISEE) model, the successes and challenges experienced, and implications for future community building efforts. Read the brief >

Research Design Becomes Research Reality: Colorado School of Mines Implements Research Methodology for the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education. (ASEE 2005)
A multi-institutional, multi-year grant multiplies opportunities for reality to interfere with design, calling for documentation of research processes so subsequent projects can benefit from the learning curve of prior research activities. Read the brief >

Development of the Persistence in Engineering (PIE) Survey Instrument. (ASEE 2005)
The design, development, and validation of the Persistence in Engineering (PIE) survey instrument for the Academic Pathways Study are described in detail. Read the brief >

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