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Although there are undoubtedly some women at the market depicted below from a photograph published in 1899, most of the people seem to be men.  


What do you notice about their clothing?  What seem to be major differences in how people are dressed?


A rural market in the 1890s                         source

What do you notice about the shoes, jackets, pants, and other elements of the dress of the people here?

Do you think there are any women present?

What fabric do you think was used for most of the clothes?

An outdoor barber and his customer                                       source





Can you think of any reason why this carpenter would wear a padded jacket but not shoes?  

A carpenter                                               source


The next three pictures are all of men from the elite class.  

Which features of this man's dress tell you something about his status?

Compare the way he is dressed to the ordinary people above and the well-to-do men below. 






A wealthy man in 1870                                    source

Men having a meal                                                                     source



What do you notice about collars, sleeves, and fastenings in the clothes of this man and the ones above?

Late Qing man                                    source

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