Understanding the human brain is one of the most exciting scientific challenges of the 21st century.

UW is a world-leader in human neuroscience, carrying out research that is revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain in health and disease. The Center for Human Neuroscience has the goal of bringing together these researchers across the University of Washington. 

The next generation of human neuroscientists will have access to data of unimaginable richness and complexity. CHN helps ensure that UW maintains the shared infrastructure and training required during this transformative period of human neuroscience.

CHN also provides leadership to ensure that we train the next generation of human neuroscientists in a climate that is equitable and inclusive. 


CHN-MRI is up and running …

We’re also thrilled to announce that CHN-MRI has been awarded a $113,800 grant by the Student Technology Fund to support independent student (undergraduate + graduate) MR neuroimaging, see our for Researchers page for more details.