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Nabtesco Actuator Laboratory Opening Ceremony, June 6, 2011

Official ceremony in opening of Nabtesco Actuator Laboratory took place on June 6 at the UW club, which was attended by over 50 people, UW (Associate Dean, C4C senior manager), Boeing commercial company( VP, senior managers) and Nabtesco( CEO and VPs). The following photos show some snapshots of the ceremony:

From left to right: Prof. Taya, Prof. Reinhall, Dr. Matsumoto (CEO of Nabtesco), Dr. Saito(Fellow and General Manager of Nabtesco)

Mr. Matsumoto (CEO of Nabtesco) and Prof. Ostendorf (Associate Dean ).

Mr. Todd Zarfos , VP, Boeing , spoke in the reception room.

Photo showing some of the attendees including those of UW, Boeing, Nabtesco , in front of UW Club.

Laboratory Tour at Fluke Hall (CIMS Chemical Lab): from left to right: Mr. Jeff Flagel ( Director, Supplier Management, Boeing) ,Mr. Osada(President of Nabtesco Aerospace), Taya (CIMS, UW) , Ms. Elizabeth Pasztor (Chief Engineer, Systems, Boeing).

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