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1. ESPEC temperature & humidity environmental chamber (-40 to 100°C, 5 to 98%RH)
2. Plasma apparatus ( rf 13.5MHz, 600W) for modifying the surface of EAP devices
3. Edward Coating System E306A with Plasma enhance magnetron sputtering
4. Fume hood - Safaire, Hamilton Industries, extra large working area, 9x3 ft
5. Potentiostat /galvanostat for electrochemical analysis, Model 606A CH Instruments,
6. DC power supply, Umax = 60V, Imax = 0.5A, and Vmax=1000V
7. Instron mechanical testers, axial (Instron Model 8562), and bi-axial (Instron Model 85215)
8. Tensile testing system for polymer thin films
9. JASCO UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer, Model 570
10. Elmer Perkin DSC and TMA
11. photo spectroscopy
12. high precision balance (0.0001g), Explorer, OHAUS
13. water PRO PS, Labconco Corp., for deionized water
14. UV source, ?=365nm, Spectroline, Model BIB-150P
15. pH-meter, 430 Corning
16. GMW 5403 Electromagnet system with 1.3 T
17. Magnagraph
18. plasma polymerization system
19. West Bond wire bonder
20. JOEL T330A SEM
21. Vacuum hot press for metal matrix composites
22. Tetrahedron hot press for polymer matrix composites
23. MRF Arc Melt Furnace
24. Lindberg Furnaces with up to 500C
25. VWR vacuum oven with up to 500C
26. Kyoyo Lindberg furnace with up to 1600 C
27. Ulvac Image Furnace with up to 1500 C
28. Laser displacement measurement system with optical table
29. Techronic TDS 3014B
30. HP power supply E 3610A
31. Isomet 1000 Diamond Saw
32. It Glove Box
33. Bluehler polishing machine
34. REVCO freezers
35. Yamato Distiller
36. Schmidt press machine
37. Dec-alpha workstation
38. Intel workstation
39. Surface plasmon resonance biosensor set
40. Sumitomo Coal Mine made Spark Plasma Sintering(Dr Sinter)
41. Brother EDM system
42. Model WS -400B-15NPP-lite single wafer spin coater with area of up to 9 inch x 9 inch and also bidirecional direction capability
43. Bunko-keiki Otento Sun II system with sun lights, monoclinic light, NIRED light, and I-V measurement software system for use in solar cell characterization
44. Spin Coater
45. Nanofiber Electrospinning Unit by Kato-Tek
46. Assembly unit for electrochromic windows
47. ULVAC Model, TC-9000: Thermal properies measurement system
48: ULVAC Model, ZEM-3: Measurement system for electrical conductivity and Seebech coefficient




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