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Hybrid Mechanism

It is known that ferromagnetic material feels force, when it is in non-uniform magnetic field. Its effect is large, often larger than that of the direct effect of magnetic field. We called it as "Hybrid Mechanism". The hybrid mechanism consists of a set of chain reactions: magnetic field gradient causes magnetic force or moment which introduces stress in an FSMA ® stress-induced martensitic transformation ® the FSMA becomes more softer and exhibits larger deformation. In reality, the hybrid mechanism (indirect effect) can also be utilized, when an actuator is designed. That is, by controlling distribution of magnetic field, force can be applied to an actuator. Either by stress-induced transformation or variant change, more deformation of an actuator can be achieved and can be controlled without introducing solid mechanical supporting or energy transmitting devices. Currently, Hybrid Mechanism has the best performance for FSMA actuators.

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