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Material characterizations of polycrystalline FePd

Fig. 1 (a) and (b) are optical structures and (c) a DSC curve of polycrystalline Fe-30.5Pd.
Fig. 2 Hierarchical martensite structures of Fe-30.5Pd.
Fig.3 Stress vs. temperature relationship for SIM in a Fe-30.5Pd alloy polycrystal.
Fig.4 Temperature dependence of the Young's modulus in Fe-30.5at.%Pd.
Fig.5 Stress-strain curve above the Ms in Fe-30.5Pd
Fig.6 Successive growth of stress-induced martensite in Fe-30.5Pd by increasing applied stress.
Fig.7 (a) Magnetization curves of austenite at 23°C and martensite at -23°C of Fe-30.5%Pd. (b) Hysteresis curve for martensite at a low field (-28°C).
Fig.8 Magnetization of Fe-30.5%Pd at the field of 160 A/m as a function of temperature.


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