GeoClaw -- a variant of Clawpack for geophysical flows

GeoClaw is a subset of Clawpack ... About this software, license, etc.

Please see the GeoClaw documentation and Gallery of GeoClaw applications.
Additional applications can be found in the Clawpack Applications repository and through some of the links below.


Publications using GeoClaw

Long ago we stopped trying to keep track of all papers that use GeoClaw. A few papers by the developers are listed below, but for other publications, a Google Scholar search on GeoClaw plus the application you are interested is the best way to find them, e.g.

See also:

Some work related to GeoClaw development:

Other papers by developers and collaborators

(Out of date -- many more to add...)


(Also out of date)

Zotero database

(Also out of date)

We are also starting to develop a Zotero GeoClaw library. Work in progress -- see Zotero notes