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Monai Valley Wave Tank Benchmark

This is a test of the wave tank experiment summarized at the

benchmark site:

The bathymetry is downloaded from that site and put into the form needed by GeoClaw by the function maketopo in [.html].

The initial data is taken to be stationary water with surface $\eta = 0$ over the domain shown in Figure 2 on the benchmark site. The surface and velocity are set in ghost cells in such a way that a pure incoming wave is generated with this surface elevation.

The local routine bc2amr_geo.f [.html] implements boundary conditions so that the depth at $x=0$ agrees with the gauge data shown in Figure 3 on the benchmark site. This data is in wave.txt .

The results are compared against the gauge data shown in Figure 4 on the benchmark site. This data has been converted from the Excel spreadsheet provided on the benchmark site to the ASCII file WaveGages.txt .

To run the code, see Instructions

Plots of results

After running this code and creating plots via "make .plots", you should be able to view the plots in _plots/_PlotIndex.html .

Fortran files

Makefile [.html]
Determines which version of fortran files are used when compiling the code with make and specifies where output and plots should be directed. Type "make .help" at the Unix prompt for options.

setprob_geo.f [.html]
Modified version of the library routine that reads in the data needed for the boundary conditions.

bc2amr_geo.f [.html]
Modified version of the library routine that reads sets the inflow boundary conditions at $x=0$ up to time $t=22$ and then switches to nonreflecting boundary conditions (extrapolation).

Python files [.html]
Used to download and create topo file. [.html]
This file contains a function that specifies what run-time parameters will be used. [.html]
This file contains a function that specifies what plots will be done and sets various plotting parameters.

Data files

The .data files are automatically generated using the information in [.html].


To make topo and qinit data files:

  $ make topo

To make all data files, edit and then

  $ make .data

To run code:

You may need to type

  $ make new 
to make sure the modules are accessible.

Then run the code with

  $ make .output

To plot results, either generate html pages via:

  $ make .plots
or view interactively using ipython and Iplotclaw.