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This is the documentation for Clawpack Version 5.6.0. For documentation corresponding to older versions see the list of past releases in the menu to the left. The future version refers to new documentation for features that have been merged into the master branch of a Clawpack repository, but have not yet been released. To use one of these features, see Installation instructions for developers.

What’s New?? For release notes, summaries of changes between releases, and links to all the Github commit logs, see Releases of Clawpack and release notes.

Classic, AMRClaw, and GeoClaw


All Clawpack packages make use of the same collection of Riemann solvers.

See also the new book Riemann Problems and Jupyter Solutions, soon be published by SIAM, which consists of a set of Jupyter notebooks illustrating the basic concepts of Riemann problems and approximate solvers.

Migrating applications from older versions of Clawpack

If you are looking to run an application that was written for Clawpack 4.x, this may be helpful.