Format of ASCII output files

At each output time, two files are created:

  • fort.tNNNN small file with some metadata for frame N
  • fort.qNNNN file with the solution on all grids for frame N

fort.t file

Sample file in 2 dimensions:

0.00000000E+00    time
4                 meqn
2                 ngrids
3                 naux
2                 ndim

fort.q file

This file contains all solution value from each of the ngrids grids. Each set of grid data is preceeded by a header of the form:

  1                 grid_number
  1                 AMR_level
200                 mx
200                 my
  0.00000000E+00    xlow
  0.00000000E+00    ylow
  0.87500000E-01    dx
  0.87500000E-01    dy

followed by mx * my lines, each having meqn values of q, in the (i,j) grid cell, created by this loop in out2.f:

      do j=1,my
        do i=1,mx
          do m=1,meqn
c            # exponents with more than 2 digits cause problems
c            # reset tiny values to zero:
             if (dabs(q(i,j,m)) .lt. 1d-99) q(i,j,m) = 0.d0
          write(50,1005) (q(i,j,m), m=1,meqn)
 1005     format(4e26.16)

This grid is followed immediately by the header for the next grid.

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