COASST Reports

COASST Reports, the COASST annual report, is published each Fall. This report summarizes COASST findings for the previous year, including interesting finds from each region, the annual species list, regional deposition rates, and a more in-depth look into one aspect of the COASST data for the year. COASST Reports is targeted for volunteers, but also enjoyed by natural resource managers, scientists, and others generally interested in the marine resources of our area.


Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide

COASST has designed and published a custom field guide for identification of beached birds. There are currently two editions of the guide:

Pacific Northwest COASST Field Guide

Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide, intended for use in the Pacific Northwest

Alaska COASST Field Guide

Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide to Alaska

Atlantic COASST Field Guide

Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide to the North Atlantic

Copies of all guides can be purchased directly from COASST. Please contact us for more information.

Recent Publications

  • Haywood, BK, Parrish, J, Dolliver, J. 2016. Place-based and data-rich citizen science as a precursor for conservation action. Conservation Biology.

  • Bovy, KM, Watson, JE, Dolliver, J, Parrish, JK. 2016. Distinguishing offshore bird hunting from beach scavenging in archaeological contexts: The value of modern beach surveys. Journal of Archaeological Science 70:35-47.

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  • Theobald, EJ, Ettinger, AK, Burgess, HK, DeBey, LB, Schmidt,NR, Froehlich, Wagner, C, HilleRisLambers, J, Tewksbury, J, Harsch, MA, Parrish, JK. 2015. Global change and local solutions: Tapping the unrealized potential of citizen science for biodiversity research. Biological Conservation 181:236-244.
  • Bonney, R, Shirk, JL, Phillips, TB, Wiggins, A, Ballard, HL, Miller-Rushing, AJ, Parrish, JK. 2014. Next Steps for Citizen Science. Science 343:1436-1437.

Other Scientific Publications

  • Hamel, N, Burger, AE, Charleton, K, Davidson, P, Lee, S, Bertram, DF, Parrish, JK. 2009. Bycatch and Beached Birds: Assessing Mortality Impacts in Coastal Net Fisheries Using Marine Bird Strandings. Marine Ornithology 37:41-60.

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  • Bovy, K. 2007. Global human impacts or climate change?: explaining the Sooty Shearwater decline at the Minard site, Washington State, USA. Journal of Archaeological Science 34:1087-1097.

  • Litle, K, Parrish, JK, Dolliver, J. 2007. The Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team—Citizens Monitoring Coastal Environmental Health in Alaska. In: Brewer, R (ed.) Community-Based Coastal Observing in Alaska: Aleutian Life Forum 2006. Alaska Sea Grant College Program, AK-SG-07-03. University of Alaska Fairbanks. 21-38.

  • Parrish, JK, Bond, N, Nevins, H, Mantua, N, Loeffel, R, Peterson, WT, Harvey, JT. 2007. Beached birds and physical forcing in the California Current System. Marine Ecology Progress Series 352:275-288.

If you would like a copy of any of these publications, please contact us.

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