Science Update

Science Update is a new publication highlighting COASST research and recent scientific publications.





COASST Reports

COASST Reports is a publication that summarizes COASST findings, including interesting finds from each region, the annual species list, regional deposition rates, and a more in-depth look into one aspect of the COASST data.


Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide

COASST has designed and published a custom field guide for identification of beached birds. There are currently two editions of the guide:

Pacific Northwest COASST Field Guide

Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide, intended for use in the Pacific Northwest

Alaska COASST Field Guide

Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide to Alaska

Atlantic COASST Field Guide

Beached Birds: A COASST Field Guide to the North Atlantic

Copies of all guides can be purchased directly from COASST. Please contact us for more information.

Recent Publications

  • Burgess, HK, DeBey, LB, Froehlich, HE, Schmidt, N, Theobald, EJ, Ettinger, AK, HilleRisLambers, J, Tewksbury, J, Parrish, JK. 2016. The science of citizen science: Exploring barriers to use as a primary research tool. Biological Conservation. In Press.

  • Haywood, BK, Parrish, J, Dolliver, J. 2016. Place-based and data-rich citizen science as a precursor for conservation action. Conservation Biology.

  • Bovy, KM, Watson, JE, Dolliver, J, Parrish, JK. 2016. Distinguishing offshore bird hunting from beach scavenging in archaeological contexts: The value of modern beach surveys. Journal of Archaeological Science 70:35-47.

  • McKinley, DC, Miller-Rushing, AJ, Ballard, HL, Bonney, R, Brown, H, Evans, DM, French, RA, Parrish, JK, Phillips, TB, Ryan, SF, Shanley, LA, Shirk, JL, Stepenuck, KF, Weltzin, JF, Wiggings, A, Boyle, OD, Briggs, RD, Chapin III, SF, Hewitt, DA, Preuss, PW, Soukup, MA. 2015. Investing in Citizen Science Can Improve Natural Resource Management and Environmental Protection. Issues in Ecology 19.

  • Theobald, EJ, Ettinger, AK, Burgess, HK, DeBey, LB, Schmidt,NR, Froehlich, Wagner, C, HilleRisLambers, J, Tewksbury, J, Harsch, MA, Parrish, JK. 2015. Global change and local solutions: Tapping the unrealized potential of citizen science for biodiversity research. Biological Conservation 181:236-244.

Other Scientific Publications

  • Hamel, N, Burger, AE, Charleton, K, Davidson, P, Lee, S, Bertram, DF, Parrish, JK. 2009. Bycatch and Beached Birds: Assessing Mortality Impacts in Coastal Net Fisheries Using Marine Bird Strandings. Marine Ornithology 37:41-60.

  • Moore, E, Lydya, S, Roletto, J, Litle, K, Parrish, JK, Nevins, H, Harvey, J, Mortenson, J, Greig, D, Piazza, M, Hermance, A, Lee, D, Adams, D, Allen, S, Kell, S. 2009. Entanglements of marine mammals and seabirds in central California and the north-west coast of the United States 2001–2005. Marine Pollution Bulletin 58:1045–1051.

  • Bovy, K. 2007. Global human impacts or climate change?: explaining the Sooty Shearwater decline at the Minard site, Washington State, USA. Journal of Archaeological Science 34:1087-1097.

  • Litle, K, Parrish, JK, Dolliver, J. 2007. The Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team—Citizens Monitoring Coastal Environmental Health in Alaska. In: Brewer, R (ed.) Community-Based Coastal Observing in Alaska: Aleutian Life Forum 2006. Alaska Sea Grant College Program, AK-SG-07-03. University of Alaska Fairbanks. 21-38.

  • Parrish, JK, Bond, N, Nevins, H, Mantua, N, Loeffel, R, Peterson, WT, Harvey, JT. 2007. Beached birds and physical forcing in the California Current System. Marine Ecology Progress Series 352:275-288.

If you would like a copy of any of these publications, please contact us.

Publications Featuring COASST

  • Haywood, BK. 2016. Beyond Data Points and Research Contributions: The Personal Meaning and Value Associated with Public Participation in Scientific Research. International Journal of Science Education 6: 239-262.

Books Featuring COASST