About Design for Digital Inclusion (DDI)

Design for Digital Inclusion is an interdisciplinary research group in the department of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. We take a radically inclusive approach to conceptualizing relevant user populations for the design and implementation of information technology hardware, software, and services. We focus on modifying existing research methods for resource-constrained environments and finding ways to adapt traditional user-centered methods to diverse communities nationally and globally. Our goal is to broaden the participation of underserved communities in the technology design process.

DDI is informed by a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies; we draw on in-depth studies of user behavior, design ethnography, large-scale surveys, and other data sources. Our contributors include faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students.

The group is an outgrowth of the NSF-supported Central Asia Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) project.

Link to 2007 CAICT website.