UW Design Alum was initiated as a Senior Capstone project by Donna Seo (UW VCD, 2015) and Roy Kim (UW IxD, 2015). After graduation, the project continued with the help of Karen Cheng (UW Professor, VCD) and Francis Luu (UW VCD, 2009). Our goal is to help current design students learn more about the professional world of design through interviews of UW Design alumni who are working in the industry.

Donna Seo


UW VCD 2015

Roy Kim


UW IxD 2015

Karen Cheng

Creative Advisor

Professor, UW VCD

Francis Luu


UW VCD 2009

Thank You to Our Featured Alumni!

Many thanks to Logan Quinn (UW IxD 2017) for his work on this blog. The UW Design Network logo was designed by Joey Zingarelli with assistance from Jennifer Kim (both UW VCD 2016). Photography on this page by Hart Boyd (UW VCD 2015), with additional interview photography by Carly Lynch (UW VCD 2017). The website was coded by UW VCD alum Eric Richards (4-mile.com). We are grateful to the UW Design Alum who agreed to be interviewed.