CSS 600: Independent Research
Prof. Munehiro Fukuda


Munehiro Fukuda <mfukuda@u.washington.edu>, room UW1-331, phone 352-3459, office hours: TBA

Course Description:

This course gives you an opportunity to join the UW Bothell Distributed Systems Laboratory (DSL) and participate in its projects: Sensor Cloud Integration, AgentTeamwork, and/or M++. Those systems are based on mobile agents. Through your participation, you will implement or enhance a part of these sytems, conduct performance evaluation, and/or develop applications running on top of them. To learn about Sensor Cloud Integration, AgentTeamwork, and M++, visit the DSL web site: http://depts.washington.edu/dslab


Although CSS600 has no official prerequisites, if you hope to take this course under my supervision, you should take decimal grade 3.3 (B+) or better in at least one of the following courses I am teaching:

Work Load and Grading:

Your work load depends on the number of credits you will register. I generally allow you to register up to 5 credits that correspond to 200-hour work in a quarter. You should choose decimal grade as your grading option. Your work is graded based on the following three creterion:
  1. Frequent communication: You should inform me of your working status twice a week. Your email or visit to my office is sufficient.
  2. Final term report: You must turn in your final term report. This should include: (1) your work summary, (2) the detailed specification of your work, (3) the per-class/function design note of your program, (4) directions where to find and how to run your program, (5) your source code in courier-new format with prenty of comments, and (6) qualitative and/or quantitative analysis and results.
  3. Demonstration: When turning in your term report, you are supposed to give me a demonstration of your work at the medusa or uw1-320 linux cluster.
Note that your final term report may be the basis of your CSS595/596 or 700 as well as will be read by other students who will work in closed or overlapped research areas. Write your work and knowledge as much as possible.

#credits #hours/week #hours/quarter
1 4 40
2 8 80
3 12 120
4 16 160
5 20 200

Programming Textbooks, References, and Manuals:

If you need to refer to programming textbooks or manuals, please visit my CSS430/CSS432/CSS434 course websites where you can find links to related books. Since my research work includes Sensor Cloud Integration, AgentTeamwork, and M++, the following materials are the most useful to you when getting involved in my work.

Computing Resources:

Check the computing resources that you can use within CSS (http://www.uwb.edu/css/facilities). In addition, you can use the following computing nodes at the UW1-302 laboratory

Quarterly schedule:

Week Remarks
1 Kick-off meeting: we will define your work.
2~9 Frequent communication: Keep informing me of your status.
10 Finish your work and start writing your term report.
11 Final meeting: turn in your term report and demonstrate your work.