DYSS Review Criteria

  • A strong applicant has numerous experiences with presentations, invited talks, and teaching.
  • Teaching and presentation awards highlight the applicant's ability to communicate well.
  • Letters of recommendation should highlight the applicant's presentation, teaching, and mentorship skills.
  • Submitted abstracts should be written well and easy to understand.
  • The statement of interest should clearly express why the applicant is a good fit for DYSS and the applicant's desire to share their accomplishments and achieve future goals.
  • Scholarship
  • A strong applicant has papers that have been cited numerous times and published in a variety of high-impact journals.
  • Letters of recommendation should praise research skills and highlight the applicant's ability to come up with novel ideas.
  • The abstract should communicate the importance of the applicant's research and highlight its broader impacts.
  • The applicant's research should be interesting and relevent to the chemical engineering and molecular engineering and sciences communities.
  • The statement of interest should communicate what skills the applicant hopes to gain through DYSS.
  • Achievement
  • A strong applicant has awards for presenting, teaching, writing, entrepreneurship, and/or outreach.
  • A strong applicant has experience in leadership, including student organizations, entreprenuership, outreach, and/or policy work.
  • The letter of recommendation should praise the applicant's work ethic, leadership abilities, and extracurricular activites.
  • The abstract should clearly demonstrate the applicant's knowledge of their field and/or a novel approach to a broader impact topic.
  • The abstract should present clear and exciting results, with data and figures to back up their research.
  • All graduate students participating on the DYSS Review Panel go through implicit bias training before evaluating any applications

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