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General Questions

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub (previously the “LMS”) is the place to go for UW Medicine training and to find your training transcript.  It is the system of record for training at UW Medicine.

How is the Learning Hub different from the old LMS?

The Learning Hub has a new interface with a cleaner look and feel, and many parts of the navigation have been simplified.  In addition, the Learning Hub will receive more frequent system updates, so you will always be working with the latest version.

Why has the name changed?

There were a few reasons for adding a name to the system.  Using a general term like “the LMS” created confusion in an environment with multiple systems.  For example, the University of Washington as a whole has multiple systems to support its learning functions; when someone referred to “the LMS,” it wasn’t always obvious which system was being described. Also, a common error has been to use the term “LMS” to describe an eLearning module, rather than the system as a whole.  This created confusion during requirements gathering.

In order to address this, the system of record for training at UW Medicine now has a name: Learning Hub.

What’s changed in the system?

The system has been updated to the latest version, and a summary of the changes to the interface can be found on the Upgrade Summary page.

Many of the changes to the system are on the back-end, and will not be visible to the end user. The core functionality of the system is the same as it was before the upgrade, but some of the processes have been revised.

How will I learn the new system?

While the Learning Hub has a new look and feel, many common functions can be accessed in the same way they are accessed today.  Job aids with step-by-step instructions are available at Learning Hub job aids.

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Learner Questions

Is the process for logging into The Learning Hub the same as the old LMS?

Yes. The link to The Learning Hub will continue to be https://lms.uwmedicine.org/.

I need to log in to complete training. Where can I find instructions to navigate the Learning Hub?

If you have trouble with the navigation, step-by-step instructions are available at the  Learning Hub job aids page.

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Training Program Administration Questions

The Learning Hub was recently upgraded, and I manage a course that was being delivered in the old LMS.  Will I need to re-upload my course after the upgrade?

No.  All web-based training (WBT) courses that were delivered prior to the upgrade will continue to work in the Learning Hub.  Learners will continue to take the same courses using the same browsers.

I provide instructor-led training (ILT), and I delivered ILT during the blackout.  Can I enter my learner’s completion records into the Learning Hub?

Yes.  Now that the Learning Hub is available, you may enter your completion records from your sign-in sheets/physical rosters, just as you would have done prior to the blackout.  If you have any questions about entering completion records using your elevated role in the Learning Hub, please contact your domain administrator.

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