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Ph.D. Career Resources: Jobs and Funding

Although there are many on-line job sites, the "General Sites" and "Discipline- specific Sites" below target Ph.D.'s looking for a variety of positions and funding.  These lists are by no means exhaustive: for example, check directly with disciplinary societies, professional organizations, journals, trade magazines, mentors, and career centers.  The "Useful Related Sites" aren't aimed at Ph.D.'s but include sites that are among the most extensive currently on-line and are in fields that might be of interest to Ph.D.'s.  As most career counselors will attest, itís best not to job hunt solely through the internet but to use these resources in combination with other job search strategies.


General Sites:

Academic 360  Offers a collection of internet resources for the academic job hunter, including links to faculty, staff, and administrative positions.

Academic Employment Network  Posts academic positions in a range of higher education and K-12 institutions.

Academic Position Network  Posts academic positions around the world.

AERA, The Education and Research Network  Job and Career Opportunities:  Posts academic, research and administrative positions at universities and some businesses.  Fellowships and Other Competitions:  Posts fellowships and grants, especially those targeting research in the field of education.

American Association of Community Colleges  Posts faculty, staff, and administrative positions.

American Public Health Association  Posts a range of professional positions in public health.

Association for Educational Communications & Technology
  Advertises positions for academics and professionals interested in developing the use of educational technology.

Careers In (and Out of) Science  Offers links to sites with academic, government and industry positions and postdoctoral grants.

Career Planning Center for Beginning Scientists and Engineers  Posts employment, internship, fellowship, and postdoctoral positions, as well as research funding.

Chronicle of Higher Education

Fellowships and Grant Proposals (Claremont Graduate University Writing Center)  Offers information about writing grant proposals (gives sample proposals and suggestions) and links to Sources of Grant Funding in various academic fields.

H-Net Job Guide  Lists positions in history, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Jobs in Higher Education  Lists faculty, part-time, administrative and staff positions and colleges and universities.

Modern Language Association  See the Job Information List for openings in English and foreign language departments.

National Employment Bulletins  Posts positions in the liberal arts, arts, and the humanities.

National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) 
Grants and Fellowships Database  Posts a variety of funding resources.  Note: membership (individual and institutional) is required for access.

National Institutes of Health Research and Training Opportunities
  Lists postdoctoral, clinical, and tenure-track opportunities at N.I.H. and elsewhere.

Nature  Posts a range of postdoctoral, academic, and non-academic positions for scientific professionals around the world.

New Scientist  Posts academic, government or industry positions in the sciences and mathematics around the world.  Lists post-doc positions nationwide.

Profession  Search for grants and fellowships in the Life Sciences.   Brings together PhDs and academic employers by letting adjuncts post CVs and giving academic employers access to a database of adjuncts' CVs.

The Riley Guide: Education & Instruction  Lists college, K-12, instructional technology, and other teaching positions.

Russian and East European Institute: Employment
  Not just for Russian and East European scholars.  Offers several pages of job postings and resources for humanities-related work (teaching, non-profit, etc.) in the United States and abroad.

Science  Posts life sciences and sciences positions at a variety of institutions and organizations nationally and internationally.  Posts positions in bioscience and chemistry.

Science Next Wave: Index of Funding News and Resources  Consult the Grant Doctor, read profiles of successful grant winners, and browse links to grants worldwide.  Posts jobs in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, and a range of related science jobs from different university, nonprofit, and industrial employers.

The Times Higher Education Supplement, Jobs  Posts higher education jobs around the world.

University Job Bank  Lists faculty and administrative/staff positions, post-doctoral positions, government, non-profit organization jobs, and others.

University Work  Lists faculty and administrative/staff positions by state as well as institutions' human resources departments.

Women in Higher Education  Lists job announcements from schools actively seeking women for administrative or faculty positions.

Discipline-specific Sites:

American Chemical Society   Offers links to job postings for chemists as well as career resources.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers   Lists positions at AIChE, in industry and academia.

American Institute of Physics  Lists jobs and offers resume posting.

American Psychological Association   Lists jobs and offers resume posting, etc. in the career sections for students and psychologists.

American Society for Engineering Education  Posts classifieds in ASEE's PRISM online magazine.  

American Society for Microbiology
Career Information, the Postdoctoral section, Graduate Student Resources and Resources for Underrepresented Minority Groups in the Life Sciences list employment opportunities, fellowships and other sources of funding.  Note: You must be a member to view most pages.

American Sociological Association   Posts positions in academic settings, sociological practice, and fellowships.  Lists vacancies in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, and chemical engineering fields and offers c.v. and resume posting.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology  Lists positions in the medical, biomedical, and pharmaceutical fields.

Geological Society of America  Lists positions, grants, and postdoctoral fellowships.  Posts US and international positions in academe, government, industry, organizations, and museums. 

Jobs in Library and Information Technology  Not just for librarians.  Posts positions in information as well as library technology.

Jobs in Philosophy  Posts philosophy openings around the world.

Linguistic Enterprises  Posts positions for linguists seeking employment in the private sector.

Philosophy Jobs  Offers links to a variety of sites posting jobs in or related to philosophy.  Also has links to funding opportunities, philosophy societies, journals, news groups, mailing lists, Etexts, syllabi, etc.

Women's Studies Database: Employment   Posts women's studies positions nationwide. 

Useful Related Sites:

Some of these sites are also listed as "Useful Related Resources" on the Web Resources page.

Career Magazine  Lists jobs, offers resume posting, lists current employers and recruiters, and gives links to other resources.  Posts positions in and offers career information about the non-profit sector.

Grant Managers Network Job Opportunities  Posts links to job postings in foundations, nonprofits, and philanthropy organizations.

IM  Targets minority job seekers and provides articles, employer profiles, reports, job postings, and more.

Jobpilot  Posts jobs in Europe and Asia, with some offerings in the rest of the world.  Note: each country's site is in its native language.

Jobs for Translators  Sends a weekly mailing list with job offers for translators and interpreters in many languages. Free trial issue; subscription rates after that are $3/issue or $30/year.

Native American  Lists jobs by state for anyone interested in working on or near  Native American Indian Reservations. 

Professionals for Nonprofits, Inc.  Places professionals in temporary and permanent positions with nonprofits in the greater New York City area.  Posts job targetting bilingual professionals, offers online employment booths and job fairs, and more.  Posts tech jobs searchable by location and keyword.

U.S. Government Jobs  Posts "Current Job Openings" by category for U.S. Government jobs.  Lists jobs by industry, location, and skills, experience level, and other criteria.  

Wall Street Journal's Career Site  Lists jobs by industry, location and keyword.  Posts positions in companies by industry, location, and other criteria.  For women interested or working in high tech fields.  Gives members access to a job bank, international and local discussion groups, local chapters, career advice, and more.  Links to job sites in government (state, city and national), industry, Fortune 1000 companies, around the world, etc.

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