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Trade and Economic Development

Economic Development focuses on the role of government to provide the appropriate macro and microeconomic environments that foster regional growth and structural change to enhance the community’s living standards.

Economic Development is based on a long term growth agenda that outlines the preferences and principles that govern a region’s growth objectives. Corner stones of such a growth agenda are

        Appropriate policies to attract and retain targeted business in the region by defining a business climate that addresses an appropriate tax base, credit provision and geographic development.

        Incentives for job creation and retention, measures to address structural change, unemployment, migration and retraining.

        Infrastructure provision to facilitate the flow of goods and information

        Access to services such as natural resources, or medical and educational opportunities

The Economic Policy Research Center seeks to be a resource in the development of a development and growth plan by providing a platform for High-caliber economists, industry and lawmakers to come together and establish regional priorities.   



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