Sand Dollar Bed

The Sand Dollar, Dendraster excentricus

Although we did not spend much time in this area, the sand dollar bed is marked on the map because it is a unique spot in False Bay.  Indeed, this may be the only intertidal sand dollar bed regularly accessible on San Juan Island.  The bed is a challenge to find, because only approximately 20 sand dollars, Dendraster excentricus, can be found in a small area of sand. There are reports of this having been a much more extensive bed in years past. Dendraster excentricus received its name because the five sets of tube feet that can be seen on the aboral side are off-center and of unequal length. Adults reach a maximum size of 8 cm. (Kozloff, 1996). The larvae of sand dollars have a beautiful form and are often found in the plankton.