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West Nile Virus


West Nile virus has emerged across the Western hemisphere and North America. Our studies utilize in vitro and gene knockout mouse models to determine how West Nile virus modulates the innate immunity during infection.

West Nile Distribution

West Nile Infection
West Nile Virus Transmission Cycle


West Nile Virus Genome

Research Projects:
Cell-Specific Programs of Host Defense Against West Nile Virus
This project has three major goals; the first is to define the IRF-specific and PRR-specific cellular responses against WNV. The second major goal of this project is to define the mechanisms by which IFN suppresses WNV RNA replication; and the final goal is to produce chimeric WNV strains with altered abilities to regulate IFN signaling.

Immune Mechanisms of Flavivirus Control
The goal of this research is to define the innate and adaptive immune parameters that control resistance to flavivirus infection. We will apply our findings to vaccine and therapeutic design to enhance immunity to WNV infection; and to extend to vaccine design against Dengue virus.

West Nile and Dengue Virus information:
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  MedlinePlus CDC: West Nile Virus