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The VAPSHCS GRECC provides a myriad of clinical services for older veterans with an emphasis on integrated clinical research and a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Teams include providers and trainees from geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, neurology, neuropsychology, endocrinology, and social work, with services in Osteoporosis/Andrology/Renal Stones, Geriatric Psychiatry Consultation, Memory Disorders, and Neurogenetics. These clinics provide care for elderly patients with several complex medical and psychiatric conditions, including metabolic bone diseases, undiagnosed and/or severe psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases. These services are augmented by a caregivers support group and an interdisciplinary Palliative Care Program that provides consultative and case management services in the Transitional Care Unit. Through this wealth of clinical services, the VAPSHCS GRECC is able to provide an excellent standard of comprehensive care for older veterans with complex needs.



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