Gaining and Growing: Assuring Nutritional Care of Preterm Infants in the Community

Nutrition Assessment Checklist

 Nutritional Intake
 Medical Factors
 Other Risk Factor

Checklist for Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition assessment is the first step of the Nutrition Care Process, which is the systematic approach used by registered dietitian nutritionists to provide quality nutrition care. A thorough nutrition assessment allows the registered dietitian nutritionist to identify the nutrition problem and develop appropriate intervention and monitoring strategies.

The following is a checklist for registered dietitian nutritionists who are performing a nutrition assessment of the preterm infant after initial hospital discharge. Other health care professionals can use the following as a nutrition screen to determine if a referral to a registered dietitian nutritionist is needed. Checklist items include links to more in-depth information and resources.


Nutritional Intake

Feeding Observation

Medical Factors

Do any of the following impact the nutritional or feeding status of this infant?

Other Risk Factors

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