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Training Module: Accurately Weighing and Measuring: Equipment

Scales for weighing infants
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2. Scales for Weighing Infants

There are several important points to remember about equipment for weighing infants.
Equipment for measuring must be used for the purpose for which it is designed. That is, many common bathroom scales are inappropriate for weighing infants for clinical assessment.

Illustration of scales

Illustration © Nardella, M, Campo, L, Ogata, B, eds. Nutrition Interventions for Children with Special Health Care Needs, Olympia, WA, State Department of Health, 2001.
The scale should be durable, accurate, and safe for the infant. That is, the scale should have no sharp edges and a large enough tray to adequately support an infant or young child who weighs up to 20 kg or 40 lb.
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