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Training Module: Accurately Weighing and Measuring: Equipment

Lengthboards for measuring infants
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4. Lengthboards for Measuring Infants

Equipment must be used for the purpose for which it is designed. The lengthboard is a tool that should be specifically designed for measuring the length of infants. Dual purpose tools are seldom as accurate as needed for infant length measurements.

It is inappropriate to use improvised equipment for measuring length -- such as measuring tapes or yardsticks attached to table tops. Measuring between two pencil marks on an exam table does not provide an accurate measurement.

A length measuring device attached to an infant scale is not accurate because the headpiece is not perpendicular and stationary and the footpiece is not perpendicular to a stable table.

Inappropriate clinic equipment used for measuring has a tendency to measure ‘short’.

Lengthboard   Check
Equipment must be used for the purpose for which it was designed
  Cross No devices attached to scales, rulers or tapes on examination tables
  Check Lengthboards for infants must be sturdy, easily cleaned and specific to the purpose

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