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Training Module: Accurately Weighing and Measuring: Technique

Measuring Head Circumference
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5. Measuring Head Circumference: Equipment and Preparation

The specifications for equipment are presented in the Accurately Weighing and Measuring: Equipment module. It is assumed that the tape is appropriate for measuring an infant’s head circumference, that is, non-stretchable.

An accurate head circumference measure is obtained with a flexible non-stretchable measuring tape. A plastic tape such that one end inserts into the other is recommended.

Head circumference is generally measured on infants and children until age three years.

Head circumference or OFC [occipital frontal circumference] is measured over the most prominent part on the back of the head (occiput) and just above the eyebrows (supraorbital ridges). This can be translated to mean the largest circumference of the head.

  Check Head circumference is measured over the most prominent part of the occiput and just above the supraorbital ridges
  Check Use a flexible, non-stretchable tape

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