Maternal and Child Health Bureau Training Module: Developing & Rating Your Measurement Technique



With the availability of the WHO Growth Standards, this is an opportune time for all pediatric health care providers to re-evaluate the tools they use and the approach they have in their clinical setting for measurement, plotting and interpretation of growth charts.

This module reviews techniques for measurers as they measure infant length, weight, and head circumference. It also reviews techniques for measurers for obtaining and recording weight and stature for children and adolescents. Finally, it provides a self-assessment tool to rate your measurement technique.

The information in this module is intended for the measurement of typically developing children. Another module provides information on the measurement techniques to be used when children have special physical considerations.


Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  Develop a protocol for training measurers in the clinic setting

  Rate your understanding of appropriate measurement technique

Table of Contents for this Module and Printable Version of this Module

Estimated Time Needed to Complete the Module

To read through text and complete exercises: 20 minutes

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