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Training Module: Developing & Rating Your Measurement Technique

Developing Your Technique
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1. Developing Your Technique

Concern about proper training for measurers is not new. In fact, in 1973 in the American Journal of Public Health, George Christakis stated, “Training in correct techniques for weighing and measuring children and the correct use of growth charts form the backbone of nutritional assessment of infants and children” (Christakis, 1973).

We are still concerned about the accuracy of the ‘backbone’ of nutritional assessment and the correct measurement techniques that support the data.

Measurers need to understand that the work they perform must be accurately and precisely completed on calibrated equipment. Further, they must believe the importance of accurately recording the measurement data.

An organized training program for measurers will improve both technique and motivation.
Trained measurers should receive periodic evaluations of their techniques for weighing and measuring to insure consistent and reliable data.

Goal for Measurers

To have all measurers obtain precise, accurate measurements by using standardized techniques, avoid or overcome obstacles to measurement accuracy, and have the capability to monitor their own reliability.


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