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Training Module: Poor Growth

Identifying poor growth
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2. Identifying poor growth - examples

You will now be presented with four growth charts to interpret.


Example 1, Part 1. This child's growth appears to be poor because she is below the 5th percentile.

However, assessing growth is more than identifying the child's growth indices as below the 5th percentile. It is important to look at the trend over time. The child may be following her own track.

Figure 1a. Weight-for-age and Length-for-age, birth-36 months

Figure 1a. Weight-for-age and Length-for age, birth to 36 months. Both weight-for-age and length-for-age are at the 5th percentile.


Figure 1b. Weight-for-length, birth-36 months chart

Figure 1b. Weight-for-length, birth to 36 months. Weight-for-length is at the 25th percentile

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