CAP Purpose

The purpose of the Comprehensive Assessment Program is to administer a systematic and standardized assessment for high risk families that identifies:

  • Baseline information on current family functioning.
  • Safety and risk needs for children.
  • Recommendations for service plans.

For dependent cases, go to the Foster Care Assessment Program

Welcome to the
    Assessment  Program



What is CAP?
A comprehensive assessment for higher risk families that will identify the strengths and clinical needs of parents and children. The goal is to help improve safety of children by guiding decision making and service planning.
What does it involve?
The family participates in one assessment session and is offered an additional feedback session. The assessment session will include:
  • Clinical interview to determine the family’s perceptions and motivation to change.
  • Observation of parent child interaction.
  • Administration of standardized measures to assess: substance abuse, depression, domestic violence, parenting stress and bonding, child behavior problems, child abuse potential.
  • Feedback on the results and recommendations.
What is the product?  

A short report that summarizes key issues and needs. It will also include recommendations to improve child safety and reduce risk of future abuse or neglect.

Who should be referred?
  • Open CPS or FVS cases where there is a high level of concern for safety.
  • Children birth to twelve.
  • Complex situations that include one or more of the following:                  
    • Chronic neglect or multiple prior referrals
    • Substance abuse or domestic violence
    • Non-biological caregiver inflicting physical abuse
What do I need to do? (for CA Social Workers)
  • Give family CAP handout and obtain participation agreement (DSHS form 14-012).
  • Complete CAP referral form.
  • Send CAP referral form and case information to CAP Provider.
  • Case information includes:
    • CPS history of the family including current CPS intake
    • Safety Assessment and Plan
    • Family Assessment (if available)
    • Medical reports (if available)
    • GAIN SS
    • SDM
    • Case notes from Child and Parent Interview  
What do I need to do? (for CAP clients)
The only thing CAP clients need to do is give consent to their CA social worker.
What will CAP do?
  • Schedule appointment with the family within 7 business days of receipt of complete referral.
  • Provide report within 20 business days of receipt of complete referral