Team B'Down: iSchool Capstone 2012

Project: New Husky Marching Band Website

Our team developed the new Husky Marching Band website. It needed to be current in content and look. We were able to fix and add new features that the director, Dr. J. Brad McDavid, needed us to be able to do. Not only were we able to work what is expected from the director, but also from the users who voiced out their concerns or problems with the old website. With the feedback from users, we were able to create a new, current, and restructured website. In addition, to solve the problem about a disconnect of information about maintaining the website, we educated and gave a manual to the staff members who would work on the website.

For part of our Capstone event, we had to showcase a poster about our project. Here's the poster we made that you can view in a pdf: HMB - Marching Towards Reconstruction.

This page was developed by Team B'Down as our iSchool Capstone Project, 2012

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