Center for Shared Services

Onboard Form

Desktop ComputerLaptop ComputerTabletComputer Monitor/sPrinterScannerErgonomic KeyboardTrackball Mouse

Please indicate which systems the new employee will need access to:

ApproverCentral ReceiverFunding Approver 1Funding Approver 2Non-PO Compliance Approver (optional)Non-Catalog Preparer (role is centrally managed, assessment pre-req)Non-PO Funding ApproverNon-PO Invoice PreparerNon-PO WatcherPreparerReceipt ApproverSubApprover (for SubAward CRs/BPOs)WatcherOther

Compliance ApproverFunding ApproverPreparerWatcher

Compliance ApproverFunding ApproverWatcher

InquireExpense Transfer

Report GeneratorOther

If yes, someone from the Center for Shared Services will contact you.