August 23-27, 2010

    Seattle, Washington USA



Getting to Seattle

Getting from the airport to the University of Washington

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) is located approximately 20 miles south of the University of Washington and 15 miles south of Downtown Seattle.  It is approximately 30 minutes from the airport to the University of Washington which is located in the University District (U-district) area.  Suggested transportation options are listed below, and this airport map may help located the various services. (NOTE: Fares quoted here are subject to change.)

Shuttle Express

Shuttle Express offers 24 hour service between the airport and any Seattle destination.  It is the suggested method for transportation from the airport as it will drop you off in front of your dormitory or hotel and is convenient if you are traveling with luggage.  The shuttle takes up to 10 passengers in a small van at a one-way trip fare of $24.75/single or less depending on the number of passengers traveling with you ($30.75/two people traveling together, $37.75/three people, etc.).  Cash, traveler’s checks, and major credit cards are accepted, and it is customary to provide the driver with a 15% gratuity or rip.  Reservations are not required prior to arrival at Sea-Tac Airport, but advance reservations are required for the return trip from your dormitory or hotel to the airport (Call 425-981-7000 or 1-800-487-7433, or make reservations online. 

To locate Shuttle Express at Sea-Tac Airport after baggage claim, follow the signs to ground transportation located on the 3rd floor of the parking garage.  The 3rd floor where Shuttle Express is located is on the same level as baggage claim, but is on the opposite side of the street. To get across the lower drive from the baggage claim area, you must go up one floor via escalator or elevator and go back down a level to proceed to Shuttle Express.  The wait for a shuttle is usually 10 to 20 minutes and then the ride to the UW Campus takes about 30 minutes.

Seattle Downtown Airporter

The Seattle Downtown Airporter is a operated by the Gray Line of Seattle. It departs the airport every 30 minutes between 5:30 am and 11:00 pm and the rate is $10.25 per person, one-way, or $17.00 per person, round-trip.  Tickets are available at the Gray Line of Seattle desk located at the south end of the Sea-Tac  Airport main terminal.  Follow the signs for the Scheduled Airporter Services at door 00.  You may also call 206-426-7532 for recorded schedule information.  Note that the Downtown Airporter offers scheduled services between the airport and many of the major hotels in downtown Seattle, but does not extend to the UW campus.  Once you have arrived downtown you need to take a taxi or public Metro to the UW campus.  Information about doing so follows.

Public Transit (Link Light Rail / Seattle Metro) Updated!

Utilizing the Light Rail and Seattle Metro system is the most economical means of transportation, but is not recommended if you are arriving late or traveling with a lot of luggage. From the arrivals hall at Sea-Tac Airport, follow the signs for Link Light Rail; the station is a short walk from the terminal on the far side of the parking garage. Tickets must be purchased at the station before boarding. The cost is $2.50 and can be paid in cash or with a credit/debit card. Take the train to any of the transit tunnel stops (International District, Pioneer Square, University Street or Westlake).

Once you disembark the train, take a bus going in the same direction--buses use the same tunnel as the Light Rail. Bus routes serving the University District include the #71, 72 or 73.  Buses usually come every 10 minutes for most of the day.  Fare is $2.00-2.25 (exact change required) depending on the time of day and the ride takes about 20 minutes. Buses stop along University Way, one block from the UW campus. (NOTE: Those staying at the Silver Cloud Inn would need to transfer to bus #68 at NE Campus Park Way.).

For bus schedule and route information call 206-553-3000 or go to METRO’s website at http://metro.kingcounty.gov/.


Transportation by taxi is likely the easiest form of transportation, though it is also the costliest.  Services from the airport are available 24 hours a day.  Taxis depart from the street at the baggage claim area level.  If you do not see a cab, you can call 206-246-9999 to arrange for pick-up on one of the curbside phones.  The average fare from the airport to the U-District ranges from $40.00 to $50.00 depending upon traffic and the time of day.  It is customary to give th driver a 15% gratuity tor tip in addition to the fare.

Other reliable taxi services are available in the Seattle area All taxi cab companies operate at the same rate in King County, $2.50 meter drop, $2.00 per mile, $.50 per minute waiting time, $.50 per extra passenger over two excluding minors:

Far West    206-622-1717

Orange Cab    206-522-8800

Yellow Cab    206-622-6500

Graytop Cab     206-282-8222

Rental Car

Renting a car is not recommended unless you are planning trips out of town. Most everything you need is within walking distance from your dormitory or hotel, and parking on the UW campus and downtown can be difficult and expensive.  Should you choose to rent a car there are three ways to do so:

1)    On-site counter and car rentals:

a.    Alamo         1-800-462-5266

b.    Avis         1-800-331-1212

c.    Budget        1-800-435-1881

d.    Hertz        1-800-654-3131

2)    On-site counter, off-site car rentals:

a.    Advantage    1-800-777-5500

b.    Dollar        1-206-433-5825

c.    Enterprise    1-206-248-9013

d.    Thrifty        1-206-246-7565

3)    Off-site counter and cars:

a.    Ace Extra car Rentals    1-206-248-3452

b.    Century/RentRite    1-206-246-5039

c.    U Save        1-206-242-9778

On-site airport agencies have booths near the baggage claim area and are more expensive than the off-site rental agencies.  Off-site agencies can be reached by car-rental phone booths in the baggage claim are, at which you will receive further information about how to reach them via shuttle. 

After you have rented a car, the company will provide you with a map and directions to the U-District.  Take I-5 north from the airport and exit at the NE 45th Street exit (exit #169).  Turn right on the NE 45th Street and continue eat in the right lane for about a quarter of a mile until you reach 17th Avenue.  Turn right on the 17th Ave NE/ Memorial Way to the main campus gatehouse.  You may also turn right at 15th Ave NE and go south on 15th Ave three block to 41st Street.  Turn left at Gate #1 into the Central Plaza Garage. Stop at the gatehouse to obtain a parking permit and ask for directions to your destination.  Permits cost $15.00 per day, Monday through Friday, and $6.00 7am to Noon on Saturday.  If you are staying the dormitories, long-term parking permits beyond that of your arrival day may be purchased at the front desk.