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Celebrate Forty Years of JJS:
Fundraising Campaign Continues

To celebrate its first forty years of publication, JJS launched a fundraising campaign to help sustain the Journal in the years ahead.  While we seek new ways to grow revenues and reduce costs through electronic publication, new contributions to this campaign will be added to the JJS endowment.

We are grateful for generous support in this campaign from the subscribers, board members, and friends shown below.

Please consider the valuable contributions of JJS over its four decades and make a gift to this anniversary fundraising effort.  Thank you for your part in the success of JJS over the last 40 years and for your support in pushing JJS toward its next anniversary!

Please send your check payable to the Society for Japanese Studies, along with a donation letter including your name and address, to:

Journal of Japanese Studies
University of Washington Box 353650
Seattle WA 98195-3650 U.S.A.

Or submit your donation online via Paypal:


Kiku ($1,001– ) David Howell   T.J. Pempel   Anne H.H. Pyle & Kenneth B. Pyle   Richard Samuels
Sakura ($501-$1,000) James C. Dobbins & Suzanne Gay   Anne Walthall
Matsu ($251-$500) Marie Anchordoguy   Edward J. Lincoln
Take ($151-$250) Steve Emmet   Fritz Gaenslen   Clark Taber
Ume ($40-$150) George Akita   Andrée Belleville   George B. Bikle  Michael K. Bourdaghs   Wm. Miles Fletcher III   Rustin Gates   Laura E. Hein   Gail Honda   Edward Kamens   Aurelia George Mulgan   Francis X. O’Donoghue   Takashi Shogimen   David Snoddy   William M. Tsutsui
Other  James Bartholomew  Ellen Conant   Thomas Conlan   Martha Walsh
and many anonymous friends