Employment Opportunities

These LLC employment opportunities are for UW students only. Starting January 1, 2007, all listed positions pay between $7.93 and $10.75 per hour, depending on experience.

Work study positions

For information, please contact:

Larry LeSage
LLC Media Lab Coordinator
108 Denny Hall
(206) 543-8160

Computer support

Windows XP, Mac OS X, networking, web, multimedia, multilingual computing, Unicode.

No positions are currently available, however we are accepting résumés. (if sending a résumé, title the résumé: "Firstname_Lastname_year", substituting your first and last names for the placeholder data, and ending with .pdf, .rtf, .doc, or .txt). With your email, please state whether you are (or will be) an undergraduate or graduate student at the UW, and your expected range of stay as a student, e.g., "I will be an undergrad begining Fall of 2006 and expect to graduate Spring of 2007", or "I am currently a UW graduate student and will be enrolled through the summer of 2008". State whether or not you have work study funding, and if so, dor what period. If you have followed these instructions properly, your information will be kept for approximately one year, and reviewed should a job opportunity arise.

For information, please contact:

Bob Majors
Senior Computing Specialist
Box 353140
Customer service: Audio/video operations

Denny Hall, Room 162 Box 353140 Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: (206) 543-0536

Email: llc@u.washington.edu