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Interactive Language Timeline Project

The LLC recently built a scrollable timeline interface for displaying data points, images and audio clips related to language in the Pacific Northwest. The interface uses only HTML and CSS (no JS) and offers modal/popups for each time segment. The timeline is coded to allow modular copying/pasting and then editing of elements. If you are interested in using this timeline for an academic project, please contact us and we would be happy to share a copy with you.

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LLC Language Exchange

Are you interested in language exchange? Are you looking for a student tutor or want to become a student tutor of a language? See the LLC Language exchange board to connect with other members of the UW community.

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Klamath files

Klamath Media Conversion Project

The Language Learning Center is assisting the Klamath Tribes by digitizing and archiving cassette and VHS recordings about the Klamath Language.

Past Events

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Funding in Jewish studies

Are you interested in Jewish languages, history, or cultures? The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies offers annual funding opportunities to support research, language study, and conference attendance related to Jewish studies, for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Funding opportunities in Jewish Studies:

Jewish Studies Graduate Fellowship

The Jewish Studies graduate fellowship offers annual grants of $4,000 to advanced graduate students in any discipline working on research projects related to Jewish studies. Fellows participate in workshops on public scholarship and Jewish studies topics, and present their work publicly through an in-person research presentation and an online article for our website.

Applications for 2023-2024 graduate fellowships are due on April 30, 2023. Learn more ➜

Grants for language study & research

Jewish Studies opportunity grants offer funding of up to $1,500 for language study, research, conference attendance, and other learning opportunities related to Jewish studies, for both undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more ➜

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through the end of spring quarter 2023.

Jacobovitz Scholarship

The Rabbi Arthur A. Jacobovitz scholarship for the advancement of Jewish studies offers an annual $5,000 grant to one full-time undergraduate student who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to Jewish studies. For examples of what that looks like, read the full description. The grant funds may be used at the student’s discretion towards tuition or other needs.

Applications for the 2023-24 grant will be due March 31, 2023. Graduate students may also be eligible but priority is given to undergraduates. Learn more ➜

Finish Line Dissertation Completion Fellowship

The Finish Line dissertation completion fellowship is an annual gift that offers one current UW Ph.D. candidate a $24,000 stipend, plus benefits, for completing a dissertation in a field or fields related to Jewish studies.

Applications for the 2023-24 grant will be due March 31, 2023. Learn more ➜

Video Editing Workshop

Are you a UW language faculty or staff member who is interested in learning how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere? The Language Learning Center will be hosting an online two day workshop in April.

Participants should have access to Adobe Premiere (whether on their own computer) or by using a UW computer with it installed (e.g., Odegaard). You are welcome to join and watch, but it will incorporate hands-on practice.

When: A total of 3 hours (over two 1.5 hour sessions) from 10:30-Noon over two Saturdays in April (8th and 15th).

What: Some of the core functions/methods that will be covered include the following, (but we welcome suggestions from folks about what they would like to learn):

  • Working with standard video formats (For import and export - e.g., for YouTube).
  • What are sequences, and what is the 'simplest' way to use them?
  • Working with multiple editing tracks.
  • How to cut/splice/arrange video clips.
  • Adding graphics and text.
  • Simple tweens.
  • The basics of audio.
  • The basics of image quality (pre- & post)
  • What other Adobe creative suite tools might I want to use for certain projects (e.g., Media Encoder, After Effects, Audition)?
  • Common difficulties/quirks and how to resolve them (e.g., prerendering)
  • Who/How: The workshop will be run by Russell Hugo. If you have questions or are interested in joining, please contact rlhugo@uw.edu. The class size will be fairly small so there will be enough time for everyone to ask questions. If there is enough interest we can offer it again in the future, but encourage folks to reach out to save a spot if they would like to take part in this initial workshop.

    Language Positions at NSA!!

    There are a few job opportunities at the National Security Agency (NSA) that are currently posted or will be soon. These positions would be a great fit for students with world language skills. We recommend that students apply to a full-time position 9-12 months before graduation, so now is the time for those graduating Spring 2024 or before.

    Note that all students must be U.S. citizens and able to obtain a Top-Secret security clearance. Students can apply to any/all programs that interest them.


    Chinese Mandarin and Persian Farsi Cross-Training Program

    The Language Analysis Cross-Training Program is designed to cross-train individuals in the acquisition of another language which is critically needed to fulfill NSA's mission, or the enhancement of a language already minimally learned. Optimally qualified candidates will have already demonstrated the ability to attain advanced proficiency in a foreign language as an adult learner. After successful completion of the Cross-Training program, most graduates will enter the Language Analysis Development Program (LADP), which lasts up to three years. The application is open March 20th through March 31st.

    Cooperative Education Program (Co-Op) for Language

    Students in this program will alternate semesters between college and working at NSA as a language analyst. Students can apply for the Co-Op Program starting their second semester Freshman year or during their Sophomore year. Application period is open from September 1st to October 31st and from February 1st to March 31st and is for Chinese and Russian students.

    Language Analysis Development Program (LADP)

    The LADP is a full-time development program for new-hires and involves rotational tours in a variety of offices, coursework to build foundational knowledge, and quality mentoring. Applicants should be proficient (reading and listening) in one or more critical foreign languages. The LADP application (Linguist/Language Analyst) is posted every other month and should be posted again on April 3rd.

    Intelligence Analysis Development Program (IADP)

    The IADP is designed to provide an intensive, accelerated opportunity to acquire the unique technical skills and experience needed to successfully apply knowledge and analytic ability to the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission and help analysts achieve core analytic. The application should be open March 30th through April 13th.

    Any questions can be sent to nsa_language_outreach@uwe.nsa.gov

    Assessment Basics – Free Online Course for World Language Teachers in Training!

    This spring, the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) will offer a free, five-week online course about assessment. The asynchronous, self-access course is designed for world language educators (i.e., educators working with languages other than English) and is moderated by CAL staff members. See below for more information about the course.

    Please complete this application by end of day Monday, March 27th if you’re interested in enrolling in the course. Please note that completing the survey does not guarantee course enrollment. The first forty applicants that are accepted will be enrolled in the course, and we will notify you of the status of your application by end of day Monday, April 3rd.

    Assessment for Language Instructors: The Basics Course dates: April 14, 2023 – May 19, 2023


    Q: What is the language of instruction?

    A: English

    Q: Who can enroll?

    A: World language educators (i.e., educators working with languages other than English) across all grade levels, K-16. This may include pre-service teachers, language instructors, teacher trainers and administrators.

    Q: What will I do in the course?

    A: You will complete five modules on the fundamentals of assessment. Each module is one week and includes a quiz and a short assignment. You will receive feedback from course instructors and have opportunities to discuss assessment questions on the course discussion board.

    Q: Who will teach the course?

    A: CAL staff members in collaboration with the AELRC.

    Q: How much time is required to complete the course?

    A: Approximately two hours per week. Coursework is completed asynchronously at a time that is convenient for you.

    Q: How much does the course cost?

    A: This course is free!

    Q: Will I receive a certificate?

    A: Yes. All participants that complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.

    Heritage Language Symposium poster for 2023

    Heritage Language Symposium 2023

    The annual Heritage Language Symposium took place on February, 4th. This year the symposium focused specifically on multilingual students who have as one of their languages a heritage language. Keynote speaker Ema Shirk spoke about how some Washington state public schools support heritage languages and language learners. View the schedule of events and video of all presentations at the link below.

    See Presentations ➜
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