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You Speak Korean: Podcasts

This material is used with the publisher's permission, and may not be copied for any purpose.
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You can click on the links below and listen to or download each audio files individually. Or, you can download multiple files (or all files) at once using iTunes (detailed instruction below), Microsoft feeds, Live Bookmark or other podcatchers.

If you already have iTunes set up, you can download the files by subscribing to the audio series as podcasts:

1. Go to "advanced"-->subscribe to podcast

2. Copy the URL of volume 1 ( or volume 2 ( and paste it in the box. Then, click okay

3. You should be able to see the title of the audio series (i.e. "UW Korean: Card Volume 1")appear in the Podcast column on the right. The most recent lecture will have already downloaded, double click on the a file to play it. To receive additional lectures, simply click the "GET" button next to each lecture. Or, just click "GET ALL" to get all the files.

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