A Possible Future for Education

The other day as I was reading about the Stanford professor that ran a huge online version (100,000 students) of his AI class, I had a glimpse of a future for education that I have not heard discussed previously. As we worry here at the UW about the future funding for public education I . . . → Read More: A Possible Future for Education

Does English have vowels, and can we find them?

Some years ago I thought of the following toy comp ling (Computational Linguistics) problem. I thought of it before I had ever even been aware that there was such a thing as Computational Linguistics, and I trust the folks that actually do comp ling will forgive me if I make it appear that their . . . → Read More: Does English have vowels, and can we find them?

Neuron In The Net

It’s getting loud. The party is really beginning to happen. Someone brought some chemicals and things are getting a little twisted. I look out and count 4 or 5 billion… What? 6 billion? Already? Wow, that was fast work! Looks like we’re gonna need some more chips n’ dip if we wanna keep this . . . → Read More: Neuron In The Net