Obesity and Body-Weight Regulation: Leptin Signaling in the Brain

Amieux and McKnight Science Signaling Perspectives BAT Differentiation

The RIIB KO mutation rescues the obesity of Agouti mice in studies conducted by Traci Czyzyk and Ama Sikorski in the lab.






Two genetically lean mice weigh in on a scale with a genetically obese mouse.



Injection of AAV-CRE into the ventral medial hypothalamus of RIIbeta lox animals causes reexpression of RII in specific neurons.  Linghai Yang is using this technique to determine what neurons require PKA-RIIbeta for regulation of energy balance and locomotor activity.




AGRP-cre dependent expression of HA-tagged ribosomes in the hypothalamus is being developed by Paul Amieux for gene array analysis of specific neurons.





Graduate student Katie Newhall measures a mouse's oxygen consumption as part of an effort to compare basal metabolic rate to body weight.


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