Paul Photo

Paul Amieux, Ph.D.

Paul did his undergraduate work at the State University in San Diego where he worked for two years with Dr. Christopher G. Glembotski studying catecholamine and steroid regulation of atrial natriuretic factor secretion from primary atrial cardiomyocytes. Paul did his graduate work in the Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pharmacology Programs at the University of Washington School of Medicine, working with Dr. G. Stanley McKnight on the developmental and physiological consequences of targeted disruption of the RIa regulatory subunit of Protein Kinase A. Paul completed his postdoctoral work in the Department of Physiology & Biophysics with Dr. Mark Bothwell where he studied the regulated release of a soluble form of the low affinity neurotrophin receptor (p75).  His current research interests are focused on the role of PKA in regulating neuronal gene expression and the response to drugs of abuse and is a director of the SCCPRR array core.