Stan McKnight, Ph.D.

Dr. G. Stanley McKnight has had a long term interest in molecular biology and its application to endocrinology. As a graduate student of Dr. Robert T Schimke at Stanford University, Dr. McKnight worked extensively in the chick oviduct model of steroid hormone regulation of gene expression. After postdoctoral fellowships in Strasbourg working with Dr. Pierre Chambon and at the University of Washington working with Dr. Richard D. Palmiter, Stan joined the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Washington in 1979 where his lab first successfully isolated and cloned many of the cDNAs for the regulatory and catalytic subunits of the cAMP-dependent Protein Kinase (PKA). Dr. McKnight's laboratory went on to develop expression vectors for the various regulatory and catalytic subunits of PKA and subsequently performed gene knockouts for each of the PKA subunits followed by detailed and ongoing analyses of the phenotypes of these knockouts which have led the lab into a variety of fields, including neurobiology, development, metabolism /body weight regulation, and male reproduction.