Microtechnology Lab

scanning motion Image display Micromachined waveguide MEMS scanner SEM image of gratings SiO2/Si composite

Welcome to the Micro Technology Laboratory (MTL) at the University of Washington. MTL performs basic and applied research utilizing unique polymer materials and fabrication techniques, exploring advance material and structure with novel material properties (i.e. negative resistivity, permittivity, permeability, etc.), and focusing on micro-sensors and actuators for industrial and biomedical applications. Areas of research include: optical fiber sensors for mechanical and fluid measurement; image acquisition and display using microfabricated waveguide and electro-optical scanners; plantar pressure and shear measurement using integrated optical sensors; polymer composites development for MEMS devices utilizing diamagnetic levitation for motor and energy harvesting; and creating autonomous self-configurable robots. Integration of current MEMS, polymer and photonics technology in biomedical and industrial applications is our goal of scientific research.

If you are interested in our research projects, please use the links on the top to get more information about the lab.  We are always looking for self-motivated dedicated graduate and undergraduate students to work on research projects. Students with different backgrounds are welcomed. If you are interested in learning MEMS and nanotechnology, 3-D metamaterial, electromagnetic and electroactive polymer material, and gaining hands-on experience, please contact Prof.Wei-chih Wang.

AFM image of gratings on UV polymerCoupling of optical fiber and waveguide fiber coupler Cross-sectional area of the waveguide Inkjet droplets Energy harvesting